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Out of Court’s Sharon Stewart provides professional mediation, facilitation and conflict management services to organisations, individuals, families and communities encompassing family dispute resolution, restorative justice and bullying and harassment investigations.   

Sharon brings a determination

Sharon brings a determination to see clients succeed backed by experience, integrity and a personalised approach.

If you are in the early stages of a conflict or disappointed with other options for resolution - there is a way forward. By bringing the parties together and gaining an understanding of the issues and the frustrations, Sharon will equip you to make decisions you’re happy with, without huge costs or lengthy processes. 

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With Sharon's expertise

With Sharon’s expertise you have a choice to enter into a process with or without legal assistance, designing a ‘pathway’ in which all parties are guided towards a long term resolution rather than an enforced outcome.  You will also walk away with the confidence and skills to resolve and avoid future situations of conflict.

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