Whether it’s a contractual situation gone awry, a disagreement between individuals or an ongoing dispute in the community – mediation can be a fast and cost effective way to resolve conflict.  

If you’ve reached the point where talking directly to the other party can't or won't work, Out of Court’s Sharon Stewart can act as a un-biased mediator, guiding you through discussions about your concerns and issues and exploring solutions that may be acceptable to both parties.

With a neutral, confidential and flexible process, Sharon helps you find a way through stressful and emotional situations producing genuine and lasting resolutions. 

Sharon’s extensive mediation experience is often called on to deal with commercial issues and contractual situations where the parties have an ongoing relationship.   Using mediation creates a neutral environment where constructive outcomes can be achieved.

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Mediation can help achieve outcomes acceptable to both parties in organisations, partnerships, employment, schools, communities and families - including:

  • Workplace bullying, stress or conflict
  • Harassment and discrimination
  • Power imbalances
  • Miscommunication and mistrust
  • Dealing with performance issues
  • Results of an investigation
  • Restructuring
  • Contractual disputes
  • Consent or compliance issues - Environmental and Resource Management
  • Complaints resolution and remedy
  • Issues pre-court, mid hearing or under appeal
  • Conflicts affecting the best interests of children
  • Wills and intestacy
  • Commercial mediation
  • Elder mediation