Sharon Stewart’s independence combined with legal background, organisational experience and mediation and facilitation skills provides a unique focus on sustainable resolutions.  

Sharon has provided a wide range of mediation, facilitation, training and capacity building service within education, local government and organisations as well as for individuals, families and communities.  Types of work have ranged from conflict resolution to managing difficult issues and improving performance and compliance.

Restorative justice facilitation has honed Sharon’s ability to work with intensely emotional situations and achieve constructive outcomes in a safe and effective way.


Facilitation is about bringing people together to identify the problem and discuss and find constructive solutions.


Mediation works to resolve conflict in contractual situations, disagreements between individuals or disputes in the community.

Family Dispute Resolution

Out of Court works with families to resolve the issues that can get in the way of them agreeing on a plan for care and contact that is in the best interests of their children.

Restorative Justice

Sharon Stewart provides restorative justice services in pre-sentence, post-sentence and pre-parole cases.

Bullying and harassment investigations

Out of Court was engaged as an independent advisor to develop a bullying and harassment policy for the University of Waikato